V-Spark Online Help

Upload Audio to a Folder

There are 2 ways to upload audio files to V‑Spark. The first is a convenient, manual method using the web browser. The second method can be used for uploading audio via web services.

The types of files that are uploaded using the V‑Spark web interface can be:

  • zip files containing one or more audio files and optional metadata files in JSON or XML format

  • Any single file with or without a file extension. These should generally be audio files, but any type of file can be uploaded, with or without a file extension. Files that are not supported by V‑Spark will show in the processing log as being UNSUPPORTED.


Previously processed JSON transcripts can be re-uploaded to any folder in V‑Spark using these methods without the ASR engine needing to re-transcribe the files. If you want to maintain the association between the audio and transcript files, both files must be uploaded in a zip file and must share the same file name except for the extension. (For example, an audio file called File1.wav should have a corresponding JSON transcript file called File1.json).

See Folder Processing Status for more details about checking the status of processed and pending files.

Once you have successfully uploaded your audio, you can then download transcripts of all the audio files contained in a folder by going to the Folders section and using the download button shown in Folder Management.