V-Spark Online Help

Uploading Metadata and Audio

Metadata can be uploaded by the same methods as audio files: via web-based interface or via web services, as described in Upload Audio to a Folder. Metadata values for a particular transcript may also be replaced using the /metadata API endpoint as described in the /metadata API Reference.

Processing metadata with audio ensures that, with some restrictions and exceptions, client-submitted metadata fields and their key values will be listed in the client_data portion of the audio record's JSON transcript. Client-submitted metadata keys will not be indexed and searchable for that record unless those fields are configured as custom metadata fields for the audio record's folder, or unless they are standard system metadata fields needed for processing.

To upload metadata and audio together, place both sets of files in the same zip file and import the zip file using the upload method of your choice. The audio and metadata file must have the same name, not including the file extension. You must use zip files to upload metadata and audio together in a clustered V‑Spark implementation.


If you upload JSON metadata files along with previously processed transcripts, your metadata files must use the extension .jsonmeta.