V-Spark Online Help

Using the Application Dashboard

After you've selected a company and organization from the breadcrumb menu, select an application from the submenu to view its dashboard. The primary way that the application dashboard enables you to view and analyze application scores is with the dashboard graphs. These graphs enable you to quickly visualize your application results and compare category results by month.

The Application Overview graph displays Coverage and Hit/Miss scores for top-level categories by day, while the Application Daily Chart enables you to drill down into lower-level categories.

Clicking on a data point on the Overview graph updates the Daily Chart on the right to provide a more detailed display of scores for lower-level categories. Likewise, selecting a data point on the Daily Chart updates the Files, Agents, or Summary View below this chart. If the selected category contains its own lower-level categories, then the chart is updated to also show the scores for those categories.

Figure 1. Application Dashboard Graphs
Application Dashboard Graphs