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Using the Files View

In addition to narrowing your search results using the Dashboard graphs, you can also conduct searches using the filters for Dashboard application metrics and the other search functions based on the Application Files View. Additionally, you can use Boolean OR/AND searches to find calls that meet more than one category or that meet at least one of a subset of categories. These combined search capabilities give you the power to break down and analyze your data in highly flexible ways for deeper insights into your customer interactions. The following image shows the results of an OR search performed for "Communication Skills" or "Verification".

Figure 1. Application Files View
Application Files View

Figure 2. Application Category Score Filters
Application Category Score Filters

This Files View is similar to the Files View of the Dashboard Overview. Perform simple searches by entering search terms in the Term field and by selecting the + button to add those terms to the Search Terms list. Choose built-in or custom metadata fields from the Term drop-down menu to search for a specific value/field pair. Remove active search terms from the list by selecting the x on the term's tag. Switch between plain text and regular expression searches by using the Plain/Regex toggle.

There is an additional search filter section for category scores. If there is a + button next to a category, select that button to display the lower-level categories beneath that specific category. Check the checkbox next to a category to filter the list and display only the files that received scores from that specific category.

When multiple check boxes are selected, use the search query Boolean function to find the intersection of the metrics. Select which type of Boolean search to perform by using the OR/AND toggle. Boolean "AND" searches only include files receiving scores from all of the selected categories. Boolean "OR" searches include files receiving scores from any of the selected categories. For each category, you can choose to filter by all or some of the lower-level categories or by certain ranges of scores.

  • All — Displays all calls with coverage scores greater than 0%.

  • High — Displays all calls with coverage scores greater than 67%.

  • Medium — Displays all calls with coverage scores greater than 33%.

  • Low — Displays all calls with coverage scores less than 33% and excludes scores of 0.

  • None — Displays all calls with coverage scores of 0%, or calls that are unscored.