V-Spark Online Help

Using the Main Navigation

The following image shows the menu options at the top of your V‑Spark screen. These menu options provide quick access to the screens that you can use to examine, analyze, and upload data.



Examine your data


Upload audio and customize analysis


Find detailed user documentation


Edit your user details and email options


Display announcements and notifications

The data that is processed and analyzed by V‑Spark is organized as follows. Access any of these options from the top left of the screen:

  • At the top level, data is associated with a Company.

  • Each company is subdivided into one or more Organizations that allow you to partition your data in ways that mirror the company's structure.

  • Data from each organization is further subdivided into one or more Folders, which provide a low-level classification mechanism for audio from specific sources, audio from specific dates, and so on.