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V‑Spark 2.2.0 Release Notes

This major release introduces V‑Spark’s new multi-tenant configuration, the ability to customize trending phrases and scorecard applications for personalized analysis, and improved search and emotional intelligence capabilities, processing speed, and ease of use.

  1. (new) Multi-tenancy implemented to enable increased privacy

  2. (new) New user group classification: Admin (super-admin), Manager (old-admin), User, and Disabled

  3. (new) Ability to download all JSON/TEXT files from a folder for a specific date

  4. (new) New navigation menu system allows for easy switching between pages

  5. (new) User can subscribe to receive reports via email

  6. (new) Company usage and limit feature. Admin users can change the limit of each company and monitor company usage from the Accounts tab under Settings

  7. (new) Ability to create and edit custom applications using the Application Editor

  8. (new) Updated Agent Scorecard template and new Voice of the Customer templates

  9. (new) Ability to create custom lists of trending phrases using the Trending Editor

  10. (new) Disabled Long/Short Trending phrase lists

  11. (new) User Documentation added under Help Menu

  12. (new) Improved emotional intelligence calculations

  13. (new) Improved Time zone support

  14. (fixed) Improved cluster script to run more transcripts faster

  15. (fixed) Support callback of JSON data to a URL endpoint via POST

  16. Added New database configuration to allow V‑Spark to use cloud or remote database

  17. Created /transcribe API to bypass login for API-based upload of files