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V‑Spark 2.2.3 Release Notes

This document provides release notes for V‑Spark, describing new features and capabilities that have been introduced in each version of the product. This provides a convenient reference for helping understand the version of the product in which features have been introduced.

V‑Spark 2.2.3 was a maintenance release that was given to customers to add several new features and to resolve a few existing problems:

  1. (new) Application scores for old audio can be updated/reprocessed when changes are made in the Application Editor.

  2. (new) Adds the ability to define custom metadata fields for individual folders and search on custom metadata values.

  3. (new) Provides an improved representation of diarization and emotion scores and faster updates during the trending phase.

  4. Selection of available models can be changed for a company

  5. RequestID assigned to all audio files uploaded in a zip file

  6. Admins can select which models are available for use by a company

  7. More consistent calculation and display of Diarization scores

  8. Dashboard Emotion graphs updated to improve readability

  9. Agent/client classifier automatically assigns speaker labels to each channel

  10. Increased speed of trending phrase updates

  11. JSON and audio can be posted to a user-specified URL (API callback)

  12. Ability to configure preferred hostname and port

  13. Improved method used to calculate available disk space