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V‑Spark 3.2 Release Notes

V‑Spark Version 3.2 provides new language models, significant performance, usability, and stability improvements, and API enhancements to simplify transcript and audio retrieval.

  1. Added new request API to retrieve Text and JSON transcripts and MP3 audio from V‑Spark outside of the traditional callback interface. The request API provides 4 verbs to query job status and retrieve results by RequestID: status, summary, details, and result. See "Using the V‑Spark 3.5.0 API" for more information.

  2. Added Support for Non-English Languages

    1. These language models support the following features (requires Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) greater than or equal to 5.4.1):

      1. File loading

      2. Playback and Display

      3. Ad-hoc Search

    2. The following features are not supported in these language models for 3.2:

      1. Applications

      2. Application Templates

      3. Reporting

  3. Internet licensing supported in V‑Spark. Internet licensing simplifies license management, making it easy to remotely add, upgrade, or update licenses.

  4. Improved responsiveness of application graphs, summary tables, and settings pages

  5. Improved timezone handling in the user interface, databases, and JSON transcripts. Date and time now stored in UTC in JSON transcripts.

  6. Expanded callback support to include SFTP and Amazon S3, providing the ability to automatically send Text and JSON transcripts and MP3 audio to a URL

  7. Additional ASR tags can now be configured in the V‑Spark UI

  8. Redesigned date range pickers for improved performance and usability

  9. Icon added to Settings pages to enable direct navigation to Dashboard view of applications and folders

  10. Simplified folder hierarchy is retained in downloaded zip files, preventing filename collisions

  11. Increased usability of Activity log: Filter settings are stored as query parameters to enable sharing URLs with other users, and "API" type added to filter log entries related to API calls

  12. System administrators now have the ability to restrict users from downloading MP3, JSON, and text transcriptions from the File Details page.

  13. Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6

  14. Approximate search mode is no longer supported

  15. Fixes

    1. Corrected and improved metadata handling in Voci JSON output. The intermediate <metadata> section was removed from the <client_data> section to flatten the JSON and simplify client data processing. See the Voci JSON Output Format Guide for more information.

    2. Application queries using ~n are now scored correctly even if a turn contains one of the phrase words multiple times