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V‑Spark 3.3.1 Release Notes

V‑Spark Version 3.3.1 provides performance, usability, and stability improvements, and also provides significant API enhancements.

  1. Added new REST APIs to enable programmatic access to V‑Spark configuration and settings. The APIs added are /config, /list, /logs, /search, and /status. See the "Using the V‑Spark 3.5.0 API" for more information.

  2. Created an online, searchable version of all Voci documentation that can be used by Voci customers, prospects, and employees. PDF documentation can still be referenced or the online documentation can be linked to from the V‑Spark Help menu. The online documentation is built from the same content that is used to produce Voci's PDF documentation. Access to the online documentation requires the ability to access the documentation web site and an account in Voci's portion of Salesforce.com.

  3. The Elasticsearch software used by V‑Spark was upgraded, enabling easier integration of V‑Spark with external reporting tools.

  4. Improved definition and display of speaker turns generated from V‑Spark's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) utterances

  5. System-wide announcements can now be set by an administrator so that they are visible to anyone who is using V‑Spark

  6. V‑Spark now supports a read-only mode that enables maintenance and diagnostic tasks to take place while users can still view and explore existing data. No new audio can be added or processed while V‑Spark is in read-only mode.

  7. The Settings menu's Folders page now provides graphical controls that enable you to pause and continue processing. Pausing file processing enables current processing operations to complete, but no new processing can be done until the continue portion of the pause/continue control is selected.

  8. Improved folder processing status, enabling folder views to be sorted by time (most recently processed). V‑Spark now also provides access to the folder processing log queue, enabling users to see which folders are waiting to be processed, are currently being processed, are waiting for analysis, or have encountered errors during processing.

  9. Reporting has been enhanced to provide access to more data, such as a table that provides agent summary information

  10. The File Details page now:

    1. displays overtalk with blue edge highlighting in the transcript and correspondingly displays overtalk scores in blue text

    2. enables you to collapse client metadata so that the general details are easier to review

    3. provides information about the processing date of application scoring

  11. File metadata can now be displayed and used in Adhoc searches, rather than only being viewable on the File Details page

  12. Enhanced the Voci license server to improve robustness and responsiveness