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V‑Spark 3.4.2 Release Notes

V‑Spark Version 3.4.2 focuses on internal improvements in performance and stability, and also adds new administrative capabilities for managing and monitoring disk use.

  1. Configurable data retention policies - Companies and organizations can now specify the period of time for which call and analysis data is preserved on their systems. This helps reduce storage costs, and also reduces the chance that your V‑Spark system will encounter problems due to running out of storage space.

  2. Improved handling of low storage conditions - System administrators can now configure the minimum amount of free local storage space that must be available in order for V‑Spark to continue transcribing and analyzing new data.

  3. External Authentication - System administrators can now configure V‑Spark to use certain external authentication mechanisms to enable user logins. Contact if you are interested in this capability.

  4. Search Unification - Adhoc search and search within applications are substantially unified at customer request to make it easier to predict the behavior of search within applications.

  5. Transcribe API now accepts single files - When using the /transcribe API to submit individual files for transcription, single audio or JSON files can now be submitted individually. This was always possible using the GUI and is now possible using the API. Files submitted individually will not be associated with each other. Multiple files, such as audio files and metadata files that should be associated, must still be combined into a single ZIP file and submitted together.

  6. Search Expression Improvements - In application scoring searches, the underscore character ('_'), a wildcard matching 0 or more words, and the '-->' character combination, matching phrases in consecutive speaker turns, are no longer supported. When upgrading to V‑Spark 3.4-2, the underscore character will be automatically scored as '~t' (search for phrases appearing within a single speaker turn) in existing applications. The '-->' character combination is no longer supported in apps, and must be replaced manually in applications because there is no exact replacement.

  7. Application Search Scoring Improvements - Leaf-level categories without include phrases will now receive a count score of 1 to indicate that files have passed filters in the leaf's upper-level categories. Scoring for time-based phrases is available on a limited/early-access basis. Contact for more information.