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V‑Spark3.2.1 Release Notes

V‑Spark Version 3.2.1 resolves a variety of issues in the V‑Spark 3.2.0 release. These are:

  1. Added support for WebAPI ASR servers/load balancers.

  2. Added support for single file non-zip uploads with no restrictions on filename extension.

  3. Added optional support for insecure HTTPS for ASR servers and callbacks.

  4. Improved validation of Company, Organization, Folder, and Application names.

  5. Display activity logs entries with local server time.

  6. Removed client emotion filter from the customer experience application template.

  7. Fixes:

    1. Improved handling of server and model lists when configuring companies and folders.

    2. Resolved several edge case errors when importing data and reprocessing.

    3. Resolved error processing metadata keys set to empty string.

    4. Improved V‑Spark service script to better kill old processes when restarting.

    5. Eliminated need to clear browser cache after upgrades.

    6. Improved handling of errors produced by versions of the libmediainfo package that are greater than version 0.7.94.

    7. Fixed folder processing log viewer hangs due to mismatched table headings.

    8. Ensured that downloaded text filename is consistent with json and mp3 filenames.

    9. Enabled use of no authentication in SMTP server setup.

    10. Improved handling of Boolean values for custom ASR tag configuration.

    11. Fixed broken link to G729A help document.

    12. Fixed errors when deleting archived files on some remote filesystems.

    13. Fixed errors related to trailing slashes on some callback URLs.