V-Spark Online Help

View Information about a Company

If you have only organization-level write permissions to V‑Spark you cannot view any company information. If you have only company-level write permissions for V‑Spark, you will be able to view information about the companies for which you have permission in the Company section. If you have System admin permissions for V‑Spark, you will be able to view more detailed information about company V‑Spark accounts.

If you are a system administrator, V‑Spark displays edit icons next to the company names in the Company section. To view general information about an existing Company, select the edit icon to the left of the name of the Company you want to view, as shown in Company and Organization Management. An Update Company dialog displays. This dialog is identical to the Create New Company dialog shown in Create or Modify a Company. You may view the information in this dialog and close it without modifying any settings.