V-Spark Online Help

Viewing Company User Permissions

To view a list of all users who have permissions that apply to a company and its organizations, select the View users link on that company's row of the company table. V‑Spark will display the Company User Permissions dialog:


This dialog shows all user accounts with permissions relevant to the company, whether those permissions are explicit to the company or implicit in the permissions those users have elsewhere in V‑Spark. By default, permissions for the entire company are displayed.

To show permissions for a specific organization within the company, choose the name of the organization from the drop-down menu above the list. If a user has permissions in this company or organization, but their user account belongs to another company, the name of the user account's home company is displayed in parentheses next to their username.

The permissions displayed in this dialog are read-only. To modify a user account's permissions for a company, you must set that user's permissions individually. For information on modifying the permissions of a specific user, see User Account Settings, Permissions, and Administration.

When you are finished viewing the company's user permissions, click fa-times.svg Close.