V-Spark Online Help

Viewing Custom Metadata

After V‑Spark has processed the audio and metadata that you have uploaded, you will be able to view your custom metadata in three places: the Dashboard Files View, the File Details page, and the JSON output file of your transcript.

If you navigate to the Dashboard Files View and select the appropriate folder from the breadcrumb menu as shown in View a Folder, you can choose to perform a Text search on any of the metadata labels that you have configured, as shown in the following screenshot:


When a custom metadata value is used as a search term, the corresponding custom metadata for each file will appear in the search results.

You can also view your metadata in the File Details window of any transcript that contains those custom metadata fields.


Finally, your custom metadata is included in the client_data section of your JSON transcript.

  "client_data": {
      "manager_name": "Melissa Thompson",
      "total_hold_time": "25",
      "skill": "0",