V-Spark Online Help

Viewing the Company Authorization Token

To use the V‑Spark REST API, you will need to provide the Company authorization token along with any API calls. If you are a system administrator, or have write permission for a company, an Auth Token column is displayed within the table of companies.

To view a Company's authorization token, select the Show... link in the Auth Token column of that Company's row of the Company table. V‑Spark will display a pop-up that shows the Company's token in a text box, as in the following screenshot of an example Company table:


To copy the authorization token to the clipboard, so that you can use the token in another window, select the Copy button to the right of the text box. A small note will display when the token is copied successfully to the clipboard.

When you are finished viewing the Company's authorization token, close the pop-up by selecting the x button in the upper right corner of the pop-up, or by clicking anywhere else on the page.