V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help


Voci provides several different APIs for our products:

  • vociwebapi - V‑Blaze on-premises REST API

  • vcloud - V‑Cloud virtual REST API

  • vspark - Analytics system and associated REST API for V‑Spark

V‑Blaze and V‑Cloud offer similar features and functionality. The difference is that V‑Blaze is a fixed, on-premises solution while V‑Cloud is a scalable solution hosted on the cloud. V‑Cloud does not currently support real-time transcription.

The V‑Blaze and V‑Cloud REST APIs includes some options that provide analytics such as emotion and gender, but does not provide analytics in the same sense that V‑Spark does. V‑Spark has its own API distinct from V‑Blaze. V‑Spark, the analytics engine, is usually combined with V‑Blaze either on the same physical machine or any other machine that the analytics engine has access to. For more information on V‑Spark API, refer to the V-Spark Online Help.