V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Basic ASR Testing (of an ASR image)

Confirm availability and operation of the V‑Blaze REST API.


It may take a few minutes for the Voci language models to load and become available in the system.

The curl commands shown below will hang for up to 5-10 minutes until the vociserver ASR service is available to process them. Startup activity can be monitored with top if desired. The first startup may seem unusually delayed since large amounts of language model data are often still being mirrored from S3 storage in the background. Allow some time for the first launch of an instance directly from AMI.

Transcribe a file:

#This is a multiple line command
$ curl -s -X POST -Foutput=text \-
Ffile=@/opt/voci/server/examples/sample1.wav \
http://localhost:17171/transcribe ; echo


And that it was resolved in a very professional manner. Your employees are very good.

Display the active models:

$ curl -s http://localhost:17171/models | python -m json.tool


{"models": ["eng1:callcenter"]}

Display the server status:

$ curl -s localhost:17171/status | python -m json.tool


{"status": {"#active": 0,
"#conns": 1, "#done": 0, "#queued": 0,
"#streams": 0, "idlefor": 87, "lastactive": "2019-04-11 22:56:41.522462",
"maxconns": 32, "maxstreams": 16, "started": "2019-04-11 22:54:42.464289",
"totalerrors": 0, "totalidle": 112, "totalstreams": 224}}