V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Configuring Access to Software Repositories


The first step after a fresh install of CentOS or RHEL is to run the yum update command.

Voci distributes all software, models, and tools using the RPM Package Manager and YUM command. Configuring a repository for access to remote updates is a crucial step for new installations and enabling future updates. Contact support@vocitec.com for access to the necessary repository if you have not been provided with this information.

Run the following command to install the Voci repository:

    sudo yum install -y "insert-repo-link-from-voci-here"


Access to https://vocitec.com/repo (or a private mirror) is required to install or update Voci software on the target system. Additionally, Voci software depends on a variety of third-party software packages that might not exist on the target system. The additional requirements include access to CentOS, EPEL, and NVIDIA (for GPU-supported ASR) repositories.


For systems behind firewalls, configure YUM to use proxy servers or internal mirror sites to retrieve all the required dependencies.