V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Configuring Actions

The action section contains a set of parameters that define what to do with transcripts. The following example includes [LiveLog] and [PostLog] action sections where the defined values refer to scripts that perform additional processing on utterances or transcripts.

action = LogUtterances
formatter = TextFormatter

action = LogTranscript
formatter = TextFormatter
transcribe = true
Table 1. Action Settings — /config/custom.cfg

Action Parameter




LogTranscript, LogUtterances, SlackLiveUtterances, PostZipToVSpark, SendUttStats

The filename of the Python script (without extension) containing the instructions of the action. If the module isn't found or invalid, the action is bypassed and a log entry is generated.


TextFormatter, JsonFormatter

Controls the output format. Two formatters are provided: TextFormatter and JsonFormatter. If left unspecified, each action will determine how to handle this parameter.


false (default), true

Indicates whether or not the audio is sent to V‑Blaze.


The transcribe parameter is for post-call treatment only. Live calls do not use this parameter.