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Configuring OrecX Audio

OrecX Audio (orkaudio) is a call recording system that provides call audio through a live-stream URL.


The vociadapter service requires the orkaudio service to run simultaneously.

Configure Voci Adapter to give complete access to audio files written by orkaudio once processing is complete. Enable this feature by adding vociadap to the tomcat group as shown in the following command:

usermod -a -G tomcat vociadap

Update the /etc/orkaudio/config.xml configuration file for orkaudio to provide sufficient file permissions to the vociadap user:

  <AudioFilePermissions>644</AudioFilePermissions>  <!--644 is default-->

Modify the permissions of existing files with the following command:

chgrp -hR vociadap /var/log/orkaudio/audio 
chmod -R g+w /var/log/orkaudio/audio

If the call audio is recorded in stereo, allocate local and remote parties to the appropriate audio channels by adding the following settings to the <VoIpPlugin> section of /etc/orkaudio/config.xml:

  <!-- Force the local side on the right and the remote side on the left channel 
      of the audio file when recording in stereo. --> 

  <!-- Select which side is local when using the RtpS1S2MappingDeterministic, 
       This makes it possible to control where the near end and the far end 
       audio streams are stored in the resulting stereo wav file (left channel 
       or right channel). -->