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Configuring Voci Adapter


All directory paths in this chapter are relative to the default installation directory in /opt/voci/adapter/.

The vociadapter service requires a connection to the V‑Blaze ASR engine (vociserver); however, the ASR engine does not have to run on the same machine as the adapter.

Voci Adapter is a service that works with the OrecX Audio call capture system by establishing a connection to an active orkaudio process to receive audio and metadata from calls on a network. The following diagram shows the Voci Adapter process and configurations:


Voci Adapter runs as a service with the following commands:

systemctl status | start | stop | restart vociadapter


The vociadapter service requires the orkaudio service to run simultaneously.

Voci Adapter settings are defined in the /config/custom.cfg configuration file. If the file doesn't exist, /config/default.cfg is used instead. To customize the Voci Adapter, copy /config/default.cfg to /config/custom.cfg and adjust the newly created configuration file.

The custom.cfg file consists of an [Adapter] section, a [Recorder] section, and a number of custom sections named after the handlers and actions. The [Adapter] section is a top-level section used to configure the following:

  • Logging — Configure to rotate between a number of log files, named out.log.i where i is the file's index number. Rotation of the log file is triggered by exceeding a configured log file size. The most recent log file has the index dropped from the filename and is named out.log.

  • Handlers — The [Adapter] section defines which handlers are active. The purpose of handlers is to group actions to share a single audio transcription. All fields in the [Adapter] section are mandatory except for customroot.

handlers= LiveCall, PostCall
Table 1. The [Adapter] section of /config/custom.cfg





debug (default), info, error

Controls the amount of detail in log entries.



The absolute or relative path to the logging directory. If logdir isn't specified, log entries will default to stdout or stderr (for errors).


22000000 (default)

The maximum size (bytes) for each log file.


5 (default)

The maximum number of log files to keep.


No default

A comma-separated list defining the handlers to use. Each handler must include its own configuration section.


/opt/voci/adapter/ (default)

Directory where the Voci Adapter looks for config, actions, formatters, and filters directories.