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Contextual Search

You may suspect certain words or phrases of being mistranscribed. Performing a contextual search is a good approach in this case. Search for the context surrounding the word or phrase you are trying to verify. Some guesswork is involved in contextual searching. Therefore, an understanding of how the target word or phrase typically gets used is a prerequisite to performing a contextual search.

The words or phrases suspected of being mistranscribed will often be preceded or followed by predictable phrases. For example, the phrase “credit card” or "PayPal" can usually be found near “payment”, “make a payment”, or “how will you be paying”. Search for words or phrases that you expect to be in close proximity to the word or phrase you are looking for. Then, listen to the associated portion of audio to verify the suspected words or phrases. The transcription error that is corrected in the following substitution rule was found by searching for "Nissan Motor" instead of the entire phrase.

Nissan Motor except this Corporation : /Nissan/ /Motor/ /Acceptance/ /Corporation/


If you suspect a known phrase of being mistranscribed, try searching for a portion of that phrase.