V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Deploying Substitution Rules to V‑Cloud

V‑Cloud is Voci 's cloud-based Speech-to-Text transcription service.

Use the following commands to submit a transcription request on V‑Cloud. Each command should be on a single line.

Set a variable with a valid token
Set a variable to specify an audio file to transcribe

mySubFile.sub in the following command should be set to your substitution file.

Submit audio for transcription and capture the returned request ID
requestID=$(curl -F 'subst_rules=</path/mySubFile.sub' -F 'model=eng1:callcenter' -F 'output=text' -F "token=$token" -F "file=@$filename" https://vcloud.name.com/transcribe | cut -d\" -f4)
Command to get download link for results
response=$(curl "https://vcloud.vocitec.com/transcribe/result?token=$token&requestid=$requestID")

Check if the "response" variable contains a URL using the following command.

echo $response

Repeat the previous cURL command until "response" contains a URL.

Command to download results
curl -o result.txt "$(cut -d\" -f2 <<< $response)"

Check the results to make sure that substitutions were successfully applied.