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Deploying Substitutions to V‑Spark

V‑Spark is a web-based graphical analytics platform. V‑Spark can be configured to use Voci's V‑Cloud or customer-hosted ASR engine servers for transcription. There are two ways to deploy substitutions to V‑Spark:

  1. Directly embedding substitution rules as the value of "subst_rules".

  2. Setting the value of "subst_rules" to a substitution file located on the V‑Spark server.

The following sections explain the two methods for deploying substitutions to V‑Spark.

Directly Embedding Substitution Rules in V‑Spark ASR Options

Configure V‑Spark folders that will be using the substitutions as shown below.

Deploying Substitution Rules to V‑Spark Using a Substitution File

The method explained in this section can only be used if you have SSH access to a V‑Spark system. If your access to the V‑Spark system is limited, refer to Directly Embedding Substitution Rules in V‑Spark ASR Options.

Connect to the V‑Spark server via SSH and place the substitution file in a working directory. The full path to the substitution file will be needed when configuring V‑Spark folder options as shown below.