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Emotion, Sentiment, and Gender

Table 1. Music Detection





false (default), true

If set to true, Voci’s emotion detection feature uses a synthesis of acoustic features and word sentiment scores to determine if a given utterance is Mostly Positive, Positive, Neutral, Negative, or Mostly Negative.

Overall emotion for a file may also be included in the top level JSON output. Emotion must be the same for all utterances to be included at the top level.

Emotion detection is a licensed optional feature.


false (default), true

Set gender=true to activate gender detection. For each utterance, Voci will attempt to determine if the speaker is male or female.

Gender Identification is a licensed optional feature.


sentiment rule

Specifies a newline-escaped string that contains the sentiment rules to use. This option enables you to augment the default sentiment rules that are used. Rules specified with the senti_rules tag are applied after any rules in the files identified by the senti_list tag. See senti_rules for additional information.