V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Getting Started

The V‑Cloud API is a collection of REST web services that can be accessed by any programming language capable of performing HTTP POST and GET calls.

Using the cURL Utility

All examples shown in this document use cURL, a command line utility that sends HTTP client requests. The cURL application is freely available for Linux, Windows, and macOS operating systems.


Escaped newlines, which are lines in the cURL command or the example output that end with a backslash (/), are added for readability. Escaped newlines must not be present in cURL commands and are not included in the commands' output.

Authorization Token

Tokens are used to authorize and authenticate requests made to the V‑Cloud API. Please protect your token as you would any other shared secret. Use of the token enables direct billing of transcription hours to your account.

Mandatory Endpoints and Methods

The V‑Cloud API is comprised of two core methods:


The /transcribe POST method accepts a single audio file or a zip file containing one or more audio files to be processed, and returns a requestid string for tracking purposes.


The /transcribe/result GET method requires a token and requestid and returns a URL from which you can download the results of the transcription if available.