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Hinting enables ASR to avoid anticipated errors by providing hints as to what is likely to be said. Using the API, different hints can be provided to each transcription session, or the same hints can be applied to an entire group of calls, such as those from the same line of business. In the V‑Spark UI, hints are options applied to a specific folder, so adding an audio file to a specific folder applies a specific set of hints.

Hints can be developed and deployed before any Voci transcripts are created. Once transcripts exist, they can be used to validate and further improve hint definitions. You can review existing transcripts against the audio that was transcribed to find words and phrases that were transcribed incorrectly, and create hints that cause them to be transcribed more accurately. You can also search for regions of text where the hinting phrase was expected to appear, but did not.

The effort of creating hints is small, but the effect of using the hinting feature can be significant. However, hinting increases transcription latency and reduces throughput. Calls will take longer to transcribe, and fewer calls can be transcribed per hour. This reduction in throughput can be compensated for by increasing available Voci ASR resources.