V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Installing Language Models


Only install language models that are licensed for your installation. Language models that are not licensed won't load when the ASR engine starts. Contact support@vocitec.com to enable licensing for additional models.

Run the following command to install a V‑Blaze language model:

yum -y install voci-langpack-eng1_callcenter

voci-langpack-eng1_callcenter is the package name of the English (North American) Call Center model. Refer to Language Support for more information on package names or contact support@vocitec.com.


Some Voci models and components are only available from optional repositories. You may need to add yum options such as --enablerepo voci-asr-ng to gain access to optional models or components.


Clustered deployments can use a shared disk (NFS, EFS) to store models in a central location. In these cases, language models only need to be installed on one node to be usable, as long as the shared disk is accessible to /opt/voci/models/.