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Installing OrecX Audio

Complete the following checklist before installing OrecX Audio. The items in the checklist should be completed by a network or system administrator with an understanding of Linux operating systems and networking protocols.

  • Confirm that the server has access to the internet and that you've been provided with a download link from OrecX.

  • Ensure that the following ports are open and accessible:

    • TCP — 8080, 8443, 22

    • UDP/TCP — 5060, 5061

    • RTP — 1000-65000

    • Live Audio — 59120

    • API — 59140


    The ports above are considered local traffic. OrecX Audio does not require any open inbound ports.

    Outbound traffic may need to be permitted for data transfer.

  • Install the following packages:

    • yum install wget
    • yum install perl
  • Confirm network connectivity between the phone network and the recording server.

  • Confirm that the phone system is configured for active recording to forward packets to the recorder.

  • Confirm bi-directional traffic between the Session Border Controller (SBC) and the recording server.

  • Confirm a test extension is set up to validate functionality of call recording software once it is installed.

Once the steps in the checklist above are complete, run the commands in the following list to install OrecX Audio (orkudio).

  1. Download the orkaudio install script to your server. Contact OrecX support if you do not have access to the install script.

  2. Extract the install script:

    tar -xvf tarorkaudio-commercial-x.x-x.x.x86_64.centos7.gcc48-installer.tar


    Replace x.x.x-x with the version number of your package.

  3. Run the install script:


    The response should be similar to the following:

    Installing orkaudio service...
    Please rename your orkaudio license file to license.txt and copy it to /etc/orkaudio. 
    Once done, hit any key or 'l' if you want to do this later:

    Hit any key or the I key when prompted to copy the license file. The response should be similar to the following once the install script has completed:

    In order to start orkaudio, please type:
    # service orkaudio start
    If VoIP traffic is present, recordings should start appearing in /var/log/orkaudio/audio - 
    the installation is now complete
  4. Copy the provided OrecX Audio license to /etc/orkaudio/license.txt.

  5. Start the orkaudio service with the following command:

    systemctl start orkaudio

    Verify that the service is running with the following command:

    ps - ef| grep orkaudio

    The response should be similar to the following:

    root     11123     1  0 08:40 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/orkaudio
    root     11167  3413  0 08:41 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto orkaudio


orkaudio stores audio files in /var/log/orkaudio/audio/.

orkaudio logs events in /var/log/orkaudio/orkaudio.log.