V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Installing OrecX Web (Optional)

Run the commands in the following steps to install OrkWeb on your system:

  1. Install MySQL if it is not already installed:

    sudo yum install mysql-server
  2. Start the MySQL service if it is not already running:

    sudo systemctl start mysqld
  3. Run the following command to make sure MySQL restarts automatically after a system reboot:

    sudo chkconfig mysqld on
  4. Extract the OrkWeb installer provided by OrecX:

    tar -xvf ./orkwebapps-2.90-11509-x64-rhel8-installer.sh.tar
  5. Run the OrkWeb installer:

  6. The OrkWeb installer will prompt for the MySQL directory, hostname, database, username and password.

    Verifying MySQL database installation...
    Found package mysql-server-5.1.73-5.el6_6.x86_64
    Click enter to accept defaults...
    Path to mysql (default: /usr/bin/mysql):
    MySQL hostname (default: localhost):
    MySQL database (default: oreka):
    MySQL user name:
    MySQL password:

    Hit Enter to accept the defaults. If you set a MySQL password, type it in when prompted. Otherwise, copy the temporary password generated in the /var/log/mysqld.log log file and hit Enter.

  7. The installer will prompt for the installation of Java:

    Do you want to install Java? (y/n)
    Enter desired path to install java - the JRE will be installed in a subdirectory named jre1.7.0_04
    (default: /opt/java):

    Enter y and accept the default directory to complete the Java installation.

  8. The installer will prompt for the installation of Tomcat:

    Do you want to install Tomcat? (y/n)
    Installing Tomcat
    Enter the path for tomcat installation (default: /opt).
    A subdirectory called tomcat7 will be created under the directory you enter (e.g.: /opt/tomcat7):

    Enter y and accept the default directory to complete the Tomcat installation.

  9. The installer will prompt to install Tomcat as a service:

    Tomcat has been successfully installed in: /opt/tomcat7
    Do you want to install Tomcat as a service? (y/n)

    Enter y to complete the installation of OrkWeb under Tomcat.

  10. The Installer will prompt to set the OrkWeb admin password:

    Enter the OrkWeb admin password (important to note it down):
    OrkWeb admin password:
    OrkWeb admin password confirm:

    The OrkWeb installation is complete when you set and confirm the password.

  11. The installer automatically configures the Tomcat service to start after a reboot; however, the service will need to be started manually at the end of the installation:

    sudo systemctl start tomcat
  12. Open any standard web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080/orkweb/. The page contains a login screen where you can enter the credentials specified during the installation process. A valid OrecX license will be requested after logging in. Copy and paste the contents of the license text file issued by OrecX into the field.


    If you are accessing from a location other than the server where OrkWeb was installed, replace localhost with the hostname or IP address of the OrkWeb server.


You can update an OrkWeb license using the OrecX REST API as an alternative option. The following command uses the curl utility to execute an HTTP PUT request:

curl -i -s -S -X PUT -H "Content-type:multipart/form-data" \
                     -F "file=@licensefile.txt" \
                     -H"Authorization:$accessTokenAdmin" \