V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Installing V‑Blaze Software

Run the commands in the following steps to install V‑Blaze software on your system. You must have the Voci-provided install.bash tool to complete the following steps. Contact support@vocitec.com if you do not have the installation tool.

  1. Prepare the shell environment for installation:

    1. Install and launch a screen session:

      yum -y install screen ; screen


      tmux is an acceptable alternative to screen. Using tmux or screen is highly recommended during the installation process to prevent issues.

    2. Create a number of bash aliases and functions to use during the installation process:

      source install.bash
  2. Update OS packages and install the required third-party packages used by Voci software:

    1. (Optional) Reboot the system to ensure the updated Linux kernel and other critical system software is running.

    2. If the system was rebooted, repeat step 1 to return to a screen or tmux session before proceeding to the next step.

  3. The following commands vary depending on what is being installed. The commands below are the most common installation targets. Contact Voci for recommendations on installation targets for specific use cases.

    1. Use the following command to install a standard GPU instance:

      voci_install voci-std-gpu9 
    2. Use the following command to install an instance without an Nvidia GPU:

      voci_install voci-std-sw


    To ensure that all software is installed in one step, additional packages such as language models and substitution packs can be included in the installation commands. For example, the following command will install a standard GPU instance along with the North American call center model and latest substitution pack.

    voci_install voci-std-gpu9 voci-langpack-eng1_callcenter voci-substpack-eng1