V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Instance Licensing and Updates

Configure licensing with your authorization token to initialize and operate Voci services. Edit the appropriate configuration files for your product to ensure the auth_token= line is set to your authorization token.

V‑Blaze licensing: /opt/voci/state/license/worker.cfg

V‑Spark licensing: /opt/voci/state/license/vspark.cfg

Voci support has also provided a personal URL that can be used to configure your instance for retrieving updates and upgrades via the standard yum utility. Simply copy and paste the URL provided via email into the following command, replacing REPO_URL with your own:

sudo yum install REPO_URL

The AMI can be updated at any time by running sudo yum update.


The REPO_URL information is provided in an email during the onboarding and provisioning process. Contact support@vocitec.com if you have not received this information.