V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Launching AMIs

After locating the Voci AMIs, launch them in a manner appropriate for your organization and environment. Consult with your administrator for specific questions about VPCs, availability zones, security groups, or other EC2 details.

The minimum connectivity required is a security group that allows you to access the instances via SSH (port 22). When prompted by the launch dialogs, configure the instance to use a valid SSH keyset for the default system user (centos).

For Voci V‑Blaze instances, launch on a g4dn.4xlarge or g3.4xlarge instance. In most cases, 20GB standard gp2 EBS is sufficient. No performance gains are expected with other storage types or larger volumes.

For Voci V‑Spark instances, launch on an m4.xlarge instance or larger. In most cases, 100GB standard gp2 EBS is sufficient to start. Most AWS customers eventually use S3 and/or EFS storage to augment the single instance. For planning, you can use 15M per saved audio hour as a rough guideline for storage sizing.