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Values: false, true, language, language_model


The lid parameter enables you to use the ASR engine's Language Identification (LID) module to identify the language spoken in the input audio and automatically use an appropriate language model. To force the use of an an alternate model with a different "domain" name, specify it using lid=language_model.

  • lid=true - automatically selects the language identification model based on the LID and language models that are available.

  • lid=language - the alternative language to detect. The primary language is determined from the primary model. In this case an alternative language model of the specified language is automatically selected.

  • lid=language_model - the alternate language model.

  • lid=language:info - use this to decode all audio using the primary model, but provide language identification information in the transcript.

  • lid=false - lid is not used.


LID will only be performed if the audio submitted has a sample rate of 8000.

The following parameters provide additional options when using the lid tag:

Table 1. Additional LID Options





integer between 0 and 1 (default is 0)

Adjusts the confidence level required for the system to select the alternative language. Setting this option to values greater than zero will increase preference for the default model.



Delay start of LID until specified (N) seconds into audio. If there is not enough audio left after offset, this will process preceding utterances in reverse.

When LID scoring is below the decision threshold, the ASR engine will transcribe the audio with the language model specified by the model tag (or the default model for the ASR configuration if model is not explicitly provided). The results are indicated by a lidinfo.langfinal element in the JSON output.

Language identification is a licensed optional feature.


LID is only supported for North American English and Spanish languages. Results for English and Spanish language dialects other than North American may vary but should work in most instances.

See Receiving Language Identification Information for additional information about using the lid tag.