V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help


V‑Blaze communicates in a client-server RESTful API method using port 17171 on the server through the vociwebapi service. The vociwebapi service communicates to the vociserver service (ASR engine) using port 17170 on localhost, where both the vociserver and vociwebapi services are installed and running.

In most cases, 17170 does not need to be accessed externally except in some specialized configurations such as real-time transcription.


The vociserver processes require outbound network access to the Voci license server (typically https://license.vocitec.com/ using TCP port 443). Proxy servers can be configured for licensing connections in environments where direct connection is not permitted.

Any client trying to communicate with V‑Blaze must have network access across all network segments between the two end points over port 17171.