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Values: true (default), false, concat


Controls whether or not number words in transcribed text are converted into numeric digits and related conventional formats, including dollar amounts, wall-clock times, percentages, ordinals, and telephone numbers. For example, with numtrans set to true (the default), the words “forty two percent” would be transformed into the text “42%”.

In most cases it is desirable to leave numtrans turned on, but there are special cases where it should be turned off. For example, if you are evaluating the Word Error Rate (WER) of Voci’s transcripts, numtrans must be disabled.

WER measurements are only valid against verbatim text because there is not a 1:1 mapping between words that are spoken and conventional representations. For example, both of the word sets “four nine zero” and “four hundred and ninety” will map to the numeric representation “490”.