V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Obtaining Transcription Results

Using a callback to automatically return results from V‑Cloud is the recommended way of using V‑Cloud, since it provides the shortest turnaround time between issuing the /transcribe  request and obtaining the results. Because results are returned as soon as transcription completes and no subsequent request is required to retrieve results, the callback mechanism is the most efficient way to use V‑Cloud.

By default, the results produced by V‑Cloud differ based on whether you submitted a single audio file or a zip file containing one or more audio files, regardless of how to obtain those results.

  • If you submitted a non-zipped audio file, the result will be a JSON transcript of that audio file by default (unless you specified other options).

  • If you submitted one or more audio files contained in a zip file, the result will be a zip file that contains the transcript(s) of the audio files in the zip archive by default (unless you specified other options)


Uploading and downloading zip files is recommended to minimize network bandwidth consumption.

A requestid is returned in response to any transcription request, and can be used for tracking or retrieval (if no callback is specified or the callback fails).