V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help


Values: true, false, zip, 7z


Specifies whether or not to place the transcript within a compressed container, and if so, the type of the container:

  • Specifying outzip=true may be useful if you are uploading a mixture of non-zipped audio files and zip files containing one or more audio files, but always want the transcripts to be returned in zip format

  • Specifying outzip=false when uploading a single audio file will ensure that you always receive a non-zipped result if possible

  • Specifying outzip=7z will ensure that all results will be returned in 7-Zip format.

If your input file is a zip or 7z archive, simply specifying outzip=true always produces results in an archive file format that mirrors the input format. If the input file was a zip archive, your results are produced in a zip archive. If your input file is a 7z format archive, your results will be contained in a 7z format archive.