V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help


URL: http://vblaze_name:17171/params

Example Response:

        "params": {
          "activitylevel": 175,
          "bufmaxtime": 30,
          "endian": "LITTLE",
          "idletimeout": 30,
          "languages": [
          "model": "eng1:callcenter",
          "models": [
          "numtrans": true,
          "outputdir": "/opt/voci/ramfs",
          "punctrailing": 12,
          "punctuate": true,
          "pushconntimeout": 5,
          "queue": "bottom",
          "raw_events": false,
          "realtime": false,
          "recvtimeout": null,
          "scrubmindist": 0.3,
          "uttmaxsilence": 800,
          "uttmaxtime": 80,
          "uttminactivity": 500,
          "uttpadding": 300,
          "vadparams": {}


The example response is a JSON object that shows the names of audio-independent parameters that can be specified when initiating a transcription session and their default values. Most of these parameters never require modification, but are provided to enable tuning for special circumstances, such as aggressive real-time applications.

Both audio-independent and audio-dependent parameters are discussed in V‑Blaze Transcription Parameters.