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A pattern may simply consist of a sequence of words separated by spaces. However, each word could instead specify a set of possible words or a regular expression.

Set of words

If you would like the pattern to accept one of a few words, place the words in parentheses and separate them by vertical bars. For example,


would change read a book, read an book, or read one book to read a book. There should be no spaces in the list of alternative words.

Regular expression

Any word in the pattern may be a regular expression when enclosed in single or double quotes.

Regular expressions are implemented in V‑Blaze using the python library re. See https://docs.python.org/2/library/re.html for details. Some simple example patterns using regular expressions are:

  • “X.*Y” X followed by any characters followed by Y

  • 'AB+C' A followed by one or more B characters followed by C


A regular expression is expected to match an entire single word in the transcribed text. Therefore, any regular expression containing a space will not match anything.

You may specify groups within a regular expression using parentheses as described in the URL referenced above. For example

‘(.*)-(.*)’ Any characters followed by - followed by any characters. The sequence of characters may be referenced separately as described in Replacements under Copying text from the input.