V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Processing and Performance Considerations

Voci's ASR performance, also known as throughput, is measured by the total duration of audio transcribed per hour. The specifications of the system V‑Blaze operates on has a significant impact on throughput. For example, V‑Blaze has higher throughput running on a system with a 16 core CPU, Nvidia GPU module, and 128 GB RAM than it would on a system with an 8 core CPU and no GPU.

Throughput varies based on language models, optional ASR features, and audio characteristics. Concurrent use of multiple models and languages on a single instance is supported, but the available model configuration must match the resources available (primarily RAM and GPU memory).

V‑Blaze runs on wide variety of configurations. However, the primary factors for choosing a deployment configuration are operational cost and availability. Calculate operational costs by taking the system cost (price per hour) and divide it by the observed throughput (duration of audio transcribed per hour).

For more information on processing and performance, refer to V‑Blaze Standard System Configurations or contact support@vocitec.com to determine the most suitable options for your needs.