V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Receiving Redacted Transcripts and Audio

V‑Blaze’s redaction options can remove sensitive numeric information from both transcripts and audio. When transcript redaction is activated by setting the scrubtext parameter to true, all instances of sensitive numeric digits will be replaced by the hash sign (#).

When audio redaction is activated by setting the scrubaudio parameter to true, all audio segments containing sensitive numbers are replaced by silence. When using audio redaction, results are automatically returned as a ZIP archive containing the transcript and purified WAV file.

For example, to submit the file "sample1.wav" for transcription with both transcript and audio redaction activated, use a command like the following:

curl -F scrubtext=true \
     -F scrubaudio=true \
     -F file=@sample1.wav \
     http://vblaze_name:17171/transcribe \
     -o results.zip

The response to this POST will be a ZIP file that contains both "sample1.json" and a redacted version of "sample1.wav".