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Redaction Configuration (Optional)

V‑Blaze includes robust redaction capability. Voci's redaction feature recognizes and removes sensitive numeric values from transcripts and audio. Enable redaction in the V‑Blaze API by setting the values of scrubtext (redacts transcripts) and scrubaudio (redacts audio) to true when submitting audio for transcription. Customized redaction rules are configured in the scrub.conf file located in /opt/voci/state/. Every V‑Blaze installation also comes with a default scrub.conf file to use if custom rules are not provided. Refer to Redaction File for more information on configuring redaction rules.


V‑Blaze will ignore the default redaction configuration file if the /opt/voci/state/scrub.conf file exists.

This topic is part of the Redaction Feature Guide, which offers an in-depth guide on redaction syntax, redaction rules, redaction exclusions, creating a redaction file, and how to use redaction with the V‑Blaze API.