V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

Redaction Exclusion Examples

Customize the information you don't want to be redacted with rules to exclude characters from redaction. Exclusions are useful for avoiding unnecessary redactions such as product names that contain numbers. The following examples are redaction rules that exclude certain characters from redaction:

Match 2 digit number and return 2 digit number:

  "description": "exclude 2 digit numbers from scrubbing",
  "regex": "(^\\d{2}[.,]?$)",
  "repl": "\\1"

Exclude alpha numeric:

  "description": "exclude alpha numeric - anything with both letters and numbers from scrubbing",
  "regex": "^([A-Za-z]+\\d+\\w*|\\d+[A-Za-z]+\\w*)([.,?]?)$",
  "repl": "\\1",
  "text": false,
  "report": false,
  "audio": false