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Reference for the /transcribe/result Endpoint

The /transcribe/result endpoint enables you to manually retrieve the results for transcription requests.


Transcripts are delivered in JSON format by default. You can use the output tag to return output in other formats. See output for more information about the other output formats that can be specified.


The /transcribe/result endpoint requires the following parameters to provide authentication information and to identify the transcription result(s) that you are attempting to retrieve:

  • token (required) - string used to authenticate and authorize the request. You will receive a token from Voci Support to use with requests to the V‑Cloud API. All requests made with your token will be tied to your account. Please notify Voci Support immediately if your token is compromised or lost.

    Example token: 123e4567e89b12d3a456426655440000

  • requestid (required) – string returned from /transcribe to identify the request for which results should be returned.


The following URL properly calls the /transcribe/result  endpoint:




The response is a secure link to download the results for the file(s) submitted using the call to /transcribe  that returned the specified requestid. (Note: the X-Amz-Security-Token  has been reduced in this example.) The results will be a single text/JSON file (if an audio file was submitted for transcription) or a zip file containing the text or JSON transcripts for multiple files if you submitted a zip file that contains multiple audio files for transcription.

If you are scripting the process to get the zip file, the following example shows how to use curl to download the zip file. Note that the entire URL needs to be in single or double quotes. If executed on the command line there would be no newlines inserted. The -s parameter tells the curl command to run silently, not displaying the histogram that it normally displays. The -o parameter controls the name for the file once it is downloaded. In this example the file would be saved as result.zip.

curl -s "https://s3.amazonaws.com/vcloud.download/700e7496-4fce-4963-aa7b-b3b26600f813-zip?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIK4QAXNNPPGWIPOQ&Expires=1410379583&Signature=nu5LFet48sdmedf0CdEVEmUN260%3D" -o result.zip
Manually Retrieve Results Using Redirection Method

There is an additional method for manually retrieving results. The only condition to using this method is the client must be able to redirect. The following steps show how to retrieve results manually using the redirect method:

Set a variable with a valid requestID
Set a variable with a valid token
Run the following command to redirect to the URL returned by the standard method
curl -sL https://vcloud.vocitec.com/transcribe/result/$reqid?token=$token


The -L is needed to allow the curl to redirect.