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Substitution Syntax

The basic syntax of a substitution rule is a "before" and "after" pair separated by a colon. The "before" word or phrase defines the transcription error and the "after" defines its correct replacement. The following example illustrates substitution syntax.

original phrase : replacement phrase

Each line in a substitution file must only contain a single substitution rule. The letter case (capitalization) of the original phrase doesn't matter because matches are not case sensitive. Capitalization of the replacement phrase will match the capitalization of the original transcript by default. Letter case can be controlled by enclosing a word between forward slashes. The example below illustrates substitution rules that correct transcription errors and capitalization.

n d a : /NDA/
pc and number : /PCN/ number 
it's vance physical therapy : /Advanced/ /Physical/ /Therapy/

Each word in the replacement text must be delimited individually. For example, the following replacement text is incorrect and will cause the substitution to fail.

it's vance physical therapy : /Advanced Physical Therapy/