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V‑Blaze 5.6.0

V‑Blaze version 5.6.0 is a major release that provides the following enhancements:

  1. Optional automatic identification of language during transcription, generally referred to as Language Identification. Supported languages are English and Spanish. Contact your sales representative for information about licensing and activating this capability.

  2. Support for multiple substitution lists per stream

  3. Support for dynamic, per-stream substitution rules using the subst_rules tag

  4. Sentiment processing is now performed after substitution and number identification/translation

  5. Support for sentiment customization by using the senti_list and senti_rules tags

  6. Support for dynamic loading and unloading of language models

  7. Improved warning and error reporting

  8. Licensing flexibility and robustness improvements

  9. Support for the NVIDIA CUDA 9 parallel computing platform