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V‑Blaze 7.0.0-1 (May 2020)

V‑Blaze version 7.0.0-1 is a minor release that contains the following fixed issue and enhancements:

  1. Previously, substitutions were not applied unless at least one installed model had built-in substitutions. Substitutions functionality is now available regardless of model configuration.

  2. Improved ASR service startup and shutdown flow for system-based operating systems such as RHEL/CentOS v7+. Improved license check-in process during shutdown.

  3. Added support for per-host configuration of automatic substitutions. These substitutions will be applied automatically to all decodings where the active model name matches a substitutions file installed in /opt/voci/state/substitutions/.

  4. Fixed broken capitalization issue in substitutions with multiple adjacent back-references. Previously, some configurations could result in the inclusion of unintended / characters.