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V‑Blaze 7.0

V‑Blaze version 7.0.0-1 (May 2020)

V‑Blaze version 7.0.0-1 is a minor release that contains the following fixed issue and enhancements:

  1. Previously, substitutions were not applied unless at least one installed model had built-in substitutions. Substitutions functionality is now available regardless of model configuration.

  2. Improved ASR service startup and shutdown flow for system-based operating systems such as RHEL/CentOS v7+. Improved license check-in process during shutdown.

  3. Added support for per-host configuration of automatic substitutions. These substitutions will be applied automatically to all decodings where the active model name matches a substitutions file installed in /opt/voci/state/substitutions/.

  4. Fixed broken capitalization issue in substitutions with multiple adjacent back-references. Previously, some configurations could result in the inclusion of unintended / characters.

V‑Blaze version 7.0.0 (March 2020)

V‑Blaze version 7.0.0 is a major release that provides greatly improved ASR speed and accuracy. These performance improvements come from the following enhancements:

  1. Core ASR engine revisions

  2. Language model revisions

    • Integrated TDNN and BLSTM neural-network-based acoustic models with version 7’s North American English (eng1) language models for call center, voicemail, and survey. The use of these models delivers vastly improved performance across all key ASR metrics.

      • Note that language models are distinct from the core ASR engine itself, and hinting is still in development for use with v7 models.

      • Language models available for use with versions 5 and 6 can still be used with version 7 of the ASR engine, but this is not recommended, as they will function at previous performance levels.

  3. Improvements to utterance handling

    • Added utterance merging and the uttmerge parameter. These improvements enable much faster decoding with version 7 models for non-realtime audio.