V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

V‑Blaze API Overview

The V‑Blaze REST API enables client-side automation of audio file submission and the receipt of completed transcripts. The V‑Blaze REST API enables both batch (file-based) and real-time (stream-based) operation. This API also supports several types of queries, enabling you to programmatically inspect your V‑Blaze instances for available options and status.


All audio file examples use the WAV audio file format , identified by the .wav filename extension. MP3 files are not supported by V‑Blaze.

The V‑Blaze REST API requires that audio files be WAVE (LPCM) or RAW (headerless LPCM) formats. It does not support MP3. If necessary, transcode mp3 files into wav files using one of the following methods:

  1. Use the lame tool, a mp3/wav encoder/decoder:

    lame --decode yourfile.mp3 yourfile.wav

  2. use the ffmpeg tool:

    ffmpeg -i infile.mp3 outfile.wav

Required Components

This version of the V‑Blaze documentation discusses the following versions of the components that make up the V‑Blaze API:

  • voci-webapi-3.0.3-1

  • voci-server-server-7.3.0-1